Tufts 3Ps

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To get in touch with any of the board members, email [email protected]

Ali Tai, E'15 - President

Ali Tai is one of the very few New Yorkers with a penchant for tourists and the phrase “y’all”. When Ali arrived on campus back in 2011 (oh man, so old) she had sworn off theater. Through some very fortunate series of events, though, she ended up stumbling across the incredible people-loving community that is 3Ps student theater. Today, she cannot think of anything else that has more positively shaped her Tufts experience - as you can see since you found her here (10+ shows later, a stage manager, a producer, and a set painter) as the president of 3Ps.  She has seen 3Ps prove that performance art can make audiences think differently, feel immoderately, and talk - and hopes that you will get to do the same! Ali Tai loves to tell stories and to meet new people – so please introduce yourself if you haven’t yet!

How are you involved in theatre: Stage Manager, Producer, Painter, occasional Technical Coordination

Theme Song: Don’t Stop the Madness by Tenth Avenue North

If you were trapped on a desert island with a board member, who would it be and why: Andrew Stephens because I cannot imagine having more fun driving anyone else absolutely batshit crazy. In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure we’re the most likely pairing to build a teleportation device - think Dropbox for people.

Most embarrassing theatrical moment: My junior year of high school, I was light board op for our production of Beauty & the Beast. The first night of the show, I was cleaning up the booth and shutting down the systems. I turned off the light board, opened the door of the booth to leave, and realized that I had forgotten to turn on the light presets. I had plunged the entire theater, containing lingering audience members and confused actors, into darkness. Woops!

Andrew Stephens, E’16 - Director of Production

Andrew Stephens is a junior from the faraway land of Connecticut, who has been working on tech crews of various sorts for the last four years. As a Computer Science major and Electrical Engineering hobbyist, Andrew loves challenges, designing, building things, hacking, logic, and being overscheduled (maybe not so much that last one). In his bountiful spare time, he is also the Production Director for the Tufts Daily.  He is always looking for friendly, competent, and dedicated people to make 3Ps shows even more awesome, so if you want to be on a show's production staff, regardless of experience, come talk to him!

How you are involved in theatre: Consistently a sound designer, with the goal of one day being able to work in another p-staff role.

Theme Song: 500 Miles (I'm Gonna Be) by The Proclaimers

If you were trapped on a desert island with a board member, who would it be and why: Drew – what sort of cannibal or wild animal would want to harm someone with a beautiful face like that? Also having (basically) the same name would make our SOS message that much shorter!

Most embarrassing theatrical moment: There have been exactly three moments in my life when I've accidentally left an actor's microphone on while they were changing or having conversations backstage (and I remember each one). Luckily it's not always embarrassing for me since the audience doesn't think to blame the sound board operator; it's only a problem when the actor swears offstage during a high school production and it gets amplified (the director and I had a nice talk after that happened...)

Drew Page, A’15 - Secretary

Drew has successfully mastered the art of confusing all his relatives by being a Psychology major with an English minor, all while doing a whole lot of theatre and hoping to go to law school. He hails from the greatest and nicest state in the US, Minnesota, and he’s afraid to admit that he’s suddenly a senior. However, Freshman Drew was warmly welcomed by 3Ps and he hopes to do the same for all you incoming thespians, techies, and generally theatrically minded people. Get ready for SO MANY emails from him throughout the summer and school year. It’s just because Tufts theatre is so phenomenal, ok?

How are you involved in theatre: Actor, Mime, Director

Theme Song: The Incredits by Michael Giacchino (it’s the theme song from The Incredibles)

If you were trapped on a desert island with a board member, who would it be and why: Ali Tai for sure. She’d organize everything and make a survival schedule, plus she could probably put her Comp Sci knowledge to work to make a radio or something (electrical engineering and comp sci are the same thing, right?). On top of all that, since she’s been an RA, she’s probably dealt with weirder stuff.

Most embarrassing theatrical moment: Freshman year, I had a play a corrupt cop and arrest/threaten a drug dealer in Persephone or Slow Time. Since I've had pretty much the same face since I was 8, I was ready to break out of my innocent freshman stereotype and play a serious role. That however, was a futile attempt after the handcuffs I had to use on the drug dealer quite literally fell apart onstage, during the show. I opted to cover for it by making an angrier face and pretending to strangle the drug dealer. Everybody laughed.

Emma Wold, A’17 – Treasurer

Emma Wold is a sophomore hailing from Chicago, a land of food, theatre, and the polar vortex. Her academic, extracurricular, and professional pursuits center on directing and producing in the theatre, and, more recently, film. As a double-major in Drama and Economics, she simply cannot wait to build a close friendship with the 3Ps budget and promises not to spend it all on heinous socks like the ones you can find her wearing on a daily basis. Even if you don’t have questions about 3Ps or theatre at Tufts (but certainly if you do), please introduce yourself, because she cannot wait to meet you!

How are you involved in theatre: Primarily a director these days, sometimes a producer, once in a blue moon a performer

Theme Song: Video Killed the Radio Star as performed by the Ben Folds Five

If you were trapped on a desert island with a board member, who would it be and why: Ali Tai – with our powers of finance and diplomacy, we would rule the island.

Most embarrassing theatrical moment: My senior year of high school, a scene partner and I were rehearsing for a relatively involved, half-clothed love scene, and in walked one of the school custodians. We did our best to assure him that we were indeed preparing for a class assignment, and I’m sure he believed us, but our frantic scrambling was enough to send him chuckling all the way down the hall when he left.

Artoun Festekjian, A’16 - Director of Programming

Artoun Festekjian is a junior coming from the great state of New Jersey… Artoun Festekjian is also a double major in Cognitive Brain Sciences and Drama, and he is very excited to be on the 3Ps board this year! Artoun loves theater and 3Ps, and while he wasn’t sure whether theater was going to be a part of his life here at Tufts (he started on a pre-med track, lol), but he found the theater community to be awesome, amazing and welcoming. He can’t wait to throw some crazy “mixers” and  some really fun “shindigs”. He wants to be your friend so come say hi!

How are you involved in theatre: Actor, mime, director, producer

Theme song: The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

If you were trapped on a desert island with a board member, who would it be and why: Mitchell. I would definitely not have my shit together, but Mitchell would probably already have a schedule as to when we hunt for coconuts, fight crocodiles, scavenge for water etc.

Most embarrassing theatrical moment: In my senior year of high school I was playing Cogsworth in a production of Beauty and the Beast (as we can tell from Ali Tai’s bio...a problem show) and during one of the performances, my massive costume got stuck in the wings, so I was never able to give the Beast the magic mirror for him to see that Belle’s father was in trouble, and no matter how much i struggled, I could not break free and the scene just awkwardly went on…yay!

Mitchell Katz, A‘17 - Media Archivist

Mitchell Katz is a sophomore from Seattle who will be accidentally referring to himself as a freshman until he graduates, and probably after that too. Mitchell is INCREDIBLY excited to be media archiving this year of 3Ps-ing because now being on Facebook and Twitter counts as productive. (Sort of) (Not really) (But let him have this moment).  He is a double major in Computer Science and Drama, and you may think that’s a random combination of majors but Mitchell knows the secret, magical connection they share and you’ll have to ask him to find out what it is. But even if you aren’t curious about those departments, come say hi because Mitchell can’t wait to talk to you!

How are you involved in theatre: Mostly a stage manager, but a director too sometimes

Theme Song: Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine

If you were trapped on a desert island with a board member, who would it be and why: Artoun. He could hypnotize any cannibals coming to eat us, or we could use his mime skills to make a boat and sail away.

Most embarrassing theatrical moment: In high school, I played Bobby in Crazy for You. I had to do an intense tap dance, then grab a prop backstage, do a quick change, run back on and collapse onstage all in the 30 seconds after the dance ended. I was so worked up from the dance and running around that I left a literal puddle of sweat perfectly center stage… it was so nasty!